Likki - Frequently Asked Questions

Along Comes Likki - Frequently Asked Questions Q:  Where and when were you born?
A:  I was born in Chicago at sunrise on November 12, 1967.

Q:  At what age did you have you first sexual experience, and to whom did you give up your virginity?
A:  I was fourteen years old when I gave up my virginity to my steady boyfriend. I totally loved the experience!!! And I know he did too, because after that all he wanted to do was fuck me all the time!!! Although he never once complained about my insatiable craving for draining the cum from his balls with my mouth! LOL!

Q:  How did you get started making adult films?
A:  When I was almost 22, I started dating a man named David. After we had known each other for about a year, one night he asked me if it would be alright to film us while we had sex. I found the idea to be a total turn-on! That's when I first realized how extremely arousing it was to be filmed while having sex! But it wasn't until a few years later (in 1995) that I began making videos with the intention of selling them. While sunning by my pool and reading "Marie Claire Magazine" one sizzling hot summer day in June, an article caught my eye. The article is "Why my husband and I star in amateur porn" and is written by a lady in San Diego who makes amateur adult XXX films for a company named Homegrown Video. I made the decision right then and there to make my own videos and to sell them. Shortly after buying my first Hi-8 video camera, I made my very first amateur XXX film, "Along Comes Likki". I still offer it for sale right here through my web site. How I wish I had gotten on the Internet sooner!

Q:  How many videos have you made since then?
A:  LOL! I've made so many I've lost count. As of five years ago I had made over 125 videos. At this time, however, I am only offering nine videos for sale. This is due to three factors: One -- I've always been very particular about what I release. Two -- Many of them are special  custom videos I made, so they are only sold to my special customers. And three -- Some are in production now and will soon be available. Currently I am learning how to use iMovie. Time permitting, I plan to make them available on video CDs. Constant requests for custom videos keep me really busy!

Q:  What do you enjoy most about making videos?
A:  The sex! I love that it's so totally fun!!! I love knowing that I am turning you on watching me do what I do best!!! And I love the fact that you are getting turned on and getting off while watching me give delicious head to some lucky guy on camera with me. It makes me totally hot to be a sweet little submissive, pleasing a man by bending over and taking it deep inside my tight little pussy. I love to cum!!! Nothing is ever faked in my videos. That's one thing my fans tell me they like best about me -- that it really shows how much I love sex, and that it's obvious I'm not faking anything!!

Q:  How did you get the name "Likki"?
A:  I was named Licorice by my parents, so my nickname Likki comes from that. Besides, it suits me very well, I think!!  :)

Q:  Do your parents know about your XXX videos and/or website?
A:  Not yet!!!  :)  And if they ever do find out, somehow I don't think they would be too shocked. They always told me that the body and sex were natural, and nothing to be ashamed about. So mom, if you're reading this, I hope you're not too embarrassed! And dad, if you are reading this, I think I know you well enough to say that your main concern is that I am happy doing what I am doing. So let me assure you I am very, very happy.

Q:  Oh, come on...  You're just saying that, aren't you?
A:  No, actually it's true. I was born during the Summer of Love. My parents are both very liberal-minded old hippies, and they were a big influence on my attitudes towards sexuality and the beauty of the human body. If two or more adults engage in consensual activity, and no one is harmed, who is to say that it is morally wrong? I like the European and Scandinavian attitudes towards sex. In my opinion, they have a much healthier attitude towards sexuality than many Americans, who can be so damn prudish. I mean, there's nothing wrong with fucking and sucking someone off on camera. And my fans sure do seem to agree with me! (grins)

Likki Sucks Cock
Q:  What do you say to the anti-porn advocates who claim that women are victims of sexual abuse, are exploited by a capitalistic society dominated by men, are degraded, that they prostitute themselves when they make adult videos, etc.?
A:  I can't speak for everyone else, but no one is making me do anything I don't want to do. I enjoy sex very, very much -- perhaps a little too much!!!  (grins)  And if others get off on watching me likking and sucking cock, or fucking with wild abandon, or getting eaten out and cumming my brains out, then yes, I think it's great!!! Sex is fun, and I am really glad to be able to make men feel so good! Am I being exploited??? I'm sorry... but I don't think so!!! And if I am being exploited, I am the one exploiting myself. Ha ha ha!!!

Q:  In your opinion, what is your best video and why?
A:  It's a toss up between "I Want To Suck Your Cock!!" and "Luscious Likki's Screen Test Volume One". I had so much fun making them because I do lots of everything -- I play with myself with various objects and fruits, I do plenty of teasing, talking nasty, and cock sucking, and I get fucked like crazy, too. And I even have quite a few orgasms!!!

Q:  What female porn stars, if any, do you like?
A:  That's easy...  I like Alexis Texas, Kayden Kross, Teagan Presley, Erika, Joy Jericho, Little Beth, Sandy Sweet, Ginger Lynn Allen, Devon, Catalina L'Amour and Jessie St. James. They all obviously enjoy what they do, and it shows. In that respect, I identify with them very strongly. There's a very pretty young lady named Ann Angel who comes across as loving every minute of her sexual adventures on video. There are many -- too many for me to name -- but those are a few who immediately come to mind.

Q:  What leisurely activities do you enjoy?
A:  When I have some spare time, which is not often enough, I like to escape in a nice warm bath and just relax! I like almost everything having to do with water and the outdoors -- nude sun tanning, swimming, water skiing, jet skiing, camping, fishing and hiking. I also love dancing and music. Sexy, sultry music (like Sade) to slow dance to is best for me. Like most women I enjoy shopping and traveling. And I love to prepare gourmet foods and serve them with a fine wine, when I have someone special to share them with.

Likki Spreads Her Butt Cheeks Q:  How do you stay so petite and fit?  Do you work out?
A:  Yes. I do work out at least three times a week, and my other business -- I'm a personal assistant to a very nice lady -- keeps me on my feet, on the go and extremely active. I've never had a problem with keeping my weight down and staying in shape. Sex is also a wonderful way to get a workout!!!

Q:  What do you want out of life?  What are your goals and dreams?
A:  I'd like to semi-retire by the time I'm 50. I'd like to take a few years to just travel to places I've never seen, especially Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Wales, Greece, Italy and France. For my goals and dreams, I just want to stay happy, healthy, and well-off financially. And I've been seriously considering producing XXX videos of others. After all, I won't be making adult videos forever!

Q:  Do you accept gifts?  And if so, what would you like?
A:  Yes! I would be happy to accept a gift, particularly a gift of apparel, such as thong style underwear or a nice pair of stockings. I also enjoy jewelry and perfume -- what girl doesn't?  :)

Q:  What are your sizes, and where do I send my gift to ensure you receive it?
A:  Underwear: size 6; footwear: size 7 1/2; dress: size 3-4; stockings and pantyhose: size small-medium; rings: sizes 5 through 7 (depending upon the finger it's for). You may send them to me at American DreamGirl, Attn: Likki, Box 211, Manchaca, Texas   78652. This is the most secure address for me, and I alone receive mail sent there.

Likki Sunning and Sailing

Q:  Anything you'd like to say about sex?
A:  Yeah...  I love sex -- all kinds of sex!!! I especially love the sensation of a not, hard cock throbbing in my mouth. I love to start out softly teasing the head and shaft slowly with my fingertips, tongue and lips, then licking it from the base of the balls to the tip, and then taking it DEEP in my mouth, all the way down to the balls, feeling it slide across my lips and over my tongue to the back of my throat while playing with the balls. Oh yeah!!! I love this very much, sucking harder, working into a frenzy, until I get a big, hot, sweet load of juice, likking and loving every last drop of cum!!! In my videos you can see and hear how much I love oral sex. After all, my name is Likki. :)

Q:  What is your favorite position for sex?
A:  One of my favorite positions is doggie style since I love to be fucked really deep while having my clit played with. This gives me unbelievably powerful orgasms because my sweet G-spot and my clit are both satisfied. Sometimes, when I'm feeling a little selfish and can find a man who's not in a rush, I like to just spread my legs wide open and lay back and enjoy the sensation of having my tight little pussy and clit licked. And if I have a finger up inside me stroking my G-spot just right, I have incredibly intense, mind-blowing orgasms!!!

Q:  Anything else you'd like to say?
A:  Yes...  Feel free to write to me with your questions. I always answer all my mail. If you don't get a reply right away, it's probably because I am out of town or have gotten a little behind. I'm finding it increasingly harder to keep up with it all myself. I am still doing all my promotion, web site changes, answering of emails, etc. by myself. So please be patient! I personally answer every last one of my emails. Having a web site is my way of living out my fantasies (and yours) and being able to share them with you. I hope you will bookmark my site and cum often as I share new pics, videos, sexy little goodies and other fun stuff!

Luv and XXX Kisses, Likki

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